Hi! I'm Camilla, the new owner of Willabeans. In a recent, serendipitous moment, I saw that the wonderful previous owner, Clare, was looking to sell the company. I instantly knew that I would love to get involved! She has built a fantastic brand, with beautiful shoes that I have admired from afar, and has managed all of this with four children in tow. Clare felt that it was the right time for her to move on, and I am extremely excited to be taking over the reins and seeing where we go next with Willabeans!

My husband and I moved from London to North Dorset a couple of years ago with our three boys and haven't looked back. Over the years I have continuously searched for classic children's shoes in the UK that look good, are hardwearing and reasonably priced. It's not been an easy quest!! 

Willabeans offer a traditional style of leather shoe for children of all ages. They are comfortable, durable, and will provide excellent support for your children's feet. We have a strong partnership with a well-respected shoe factory in Spain, where they have been making handmade products for over forty years. I speak Spanish and love to travel, so what better excuse than to make regular trips to Alicante to work closely alongside our suppliers! 

The Angelitos boots and shoes are what Willabeans is well known for, and in time we will introduce other lines and brands that will complement the current offering.

Make sure you buy a pair or two of the bright neon laces with your shoes, as they add an awesome pop of colour, which I love to match with the boys' clothes!

I am so excited and grateful to be taking things forwards with Willabeans and hope that you love the shoes as much as we do!

Camilla xx