I have four children Evie (5), Willa (4) Wilf and Ted (twins born Sept 2019). Before children I was a reception class teacher in Chelsea for over five years, a job I loved. Having been so involved in the development of four year olds and, in particular, since having my own girls, I have become increasingly interested in childrens' footwear. I have realised just how difficult it is to find reasonably priced, stylish shoes for children.

The inspiration for Willabeans was my goddaughter Olivia who lives in Spain. Olivia is always beautifully dressed wearing the most gorgeous, traditional Spanish shoes. It drove me a little crazy that I was not able to buy shoes like hers for my own girls in the UK.

The concept of Willabeans is to offer a traditional style of leather shoe for children, with no added decorations. Willabeans sell shoes that are timeless and effortlessly stylish with their chic appearance as well as being durable and beautifully made to EU standards. Our shoes are comfortable and will provide excellent support for your children's feet. We also sell bright neon laces for when you or your children want to 'jazz your shoes up a bit'. Traditional with an edge. 

Willabeans has formed a partnership with a well respected shoe factory in Alicante who produce the top quality, traditional shoes I had been searching for. 

I chose the Angelitos brand to be our first shoe at Willabeans. Their shoes are simple, stylish and a must-have for any little one's wardrobe. We are dedicated to stocking quality footwear for children of all ages and, in time, plan to introduce other high-quality, limited edition brands which fit the Willabeans criteria as well as Angelitos do.  

We really hope that you love your shoes as much as we do.